Great Tasting, Healthy Beef, No Hormones or Growth Additives

Get quality, healthy grass-fed beef when you buy direct from Ridge Ranch. Our Angus  herd is raised without hormones or growth additives. Locally processed, aged and USDA inspected.

Located in Boulder County, Colorado we serve customers in Boulder, Longmont, Loveland and metro Denver.

Grass Fed and Grass Finished

Our herd grazes on grass pastures with a running stream and shady glens. During the winter, the cattle are fed on ranch grown hay. They are finished on protein rich alfalfa hay to complete their weight gain and add marbling.

"Research shows grass finished beef cattle won't support
H151 E. coli bacteria in their digestive systems."
Beef Cattle, by Ann Larkin Hansen 2006

Support Local Farms and Ranches

Well managed, small cattle operations enhance pasture land, provide natural fertilization and keep the land free of weeds and pests.

Your beef purchases help sustain the beautiful pasture land and family farms you see along the Colorado front range.

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Bill with new calf
Ridge Ranch Cattle Company
Colorado Grass Fed Beef
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Angus Beef

Angus were brought to the US from Scotland in the 1870s and are plentiful throughout Colorado.

The breed is noted for their gentle natures, fast weight gain and maternal qualities.